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Why Should I Become Member?

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Why Should I Become Member?

The opportunity to be a part of real estate export of Turkey

You will be among the developer and broker companies that international real estate buyers reach through GiGDER and you will have the opportunity to be a part of our ever-growing real estate exports.

Privilege to act together with sector leaders

You will have the opportunity to cooperate and develop network with leading companies in the real estate sector.

Positioning reliably in the international real estate sector GİGDER BADGE

As a stakeholder who accepts the professional and ethical values of GİGDER, you will have the advantage of positioning as a reliable partner in international real estate trade, placing the special logo of GİGDER members on your marketing materials and being one step ahead in sectoral trade.

Opportunity to participate in international events and fairs with special advantages for GİGDER

In international real estate events and fairs, you get the opportunity to benefit from GİGDER's special priorities and discounts at every step from the announcement to the organization stage.

Special opportunities in global, national, regional and local prestigious publications in cooperation with GİGDER

You will have the opportunity to take part in the chapters fo the publications reserved for GİGDER members that keep the pulse of the real estate sector and in special publications based on the subject.

Taking an active role in public relations and lobbying opportunities in Turkey and partner countries

You will have the opportunity to be a part of the meetings conducted with the ministries and organizations that regulate the activities of GİGDER in Turkey, the counterpart organizations and professional associations abroad for the improvement of the sector and to express your opinions and demands in these meetings.

Priority to participate in GİGDER events, member meetings

You benefit from special advantages for members in national and international GİGDER events.

The opportunity to contribute to the solution of problems as the interlocutor of the international real estate marketing in Turkey

By closely following the developments in the sector, you can have priority to get information about new technologies and official procedures, you can contribute to the formation of policy choices by sharing your opinions on the solution of existing problems.