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We are moving stronger under the leadership of the new reform mobilization initiated by our government in the economy and law in 2021 when a year of intense pandemic impact has been left behind and economies are expected to enter the recovery process with vaccination. Our efforts and courage to move Turkey’s place in the top 10 in the international real estate market to the top 5 are higher with the recent progress we have made.

Turkey, which brings together two continents and hosts the most important centers of the Three Sacred religions, is rapidly evolving from a point where civilizations were born in its cradle and then opened up to the world to become a geography where cultures meet again today. Despite the pandemic, Turkey, whose potential markets from Iran to Central Asia, from the Gulf to Europe and America have diversified and the demand for housing has increased, thus leading to the least shrinking markets in the world, is the most concrete proof of this.

Turkey is now a country where international buyers prefer to start a new life, work, spend their retirements, receive health and education services or invest by saying ‘Home Turkey
Home’. Based on this, we have named our digital platform ‘Home Turkey Home‘, which is the basis of our promotion attack, which includes The Guide to Acquiring Property in Istanbul’, which we have prepared in cooperation with ITO.