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Types of Membership

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Types of Membership

Real persons who have the capacity to act, adopt the aims and principles of the association, accept to work in this direction and meet the conditions stipulated by the legislation; market, make trade, sales and promotion of the real estate of our country abroad; provide consultancy and services for citizenship processes of foreign property buyers and property management, property valuation and law offices; managers and partners of these foundations and people who work in these fields may become members of the association.

Full Membership

Full members of the association have the right to vote and to be elected.

Corporate Full Membership (Legal Entity)

They are members of the legal entity, who have taken on all the obligations and responsibilities required by the membership of the association, who represent their chairmen and themselves through the real persons that they appoint with representing and who have the right to elect and be elected.

Individual Membership (Real Person)

They are real person members who have taken all the obligations and responsibilities required by the membership of the association and have the right to elect and be elected.

The authorized person applies for membership on behalf of the real person and the legal entity. If the legal person is a member, the chairman or the person assigned for representation by the chairman votes. When the presidential or representative duty of this person ends,

Honorary Membership

These are the members selected by the suggestion of the board of directors and the decision of the general assembly among the employees working in the academic circles in the universities or colleges related to the sector, and those who have contributed to the Association and / or purpose and service issues. Honorary members do not have the right to elect and be elected to the organs and they pay subscription fees if they wish.