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The World will Meet in Turkey with “HomeTurkeyHome”

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The Turkish economy, with its 1.8% growth performance in 2020, became the second country to grow after China among the G20 members despite the epidemic. Our country, which is expected to reach the level of 10 billion dollars this year by accelerating its international direct investments in sectors such as automotive, white appliances, software and logistics, with the reforms initiated in the economy and law, today distinguishes itself positively in many areas from exports to real estate, from logistics to health. These features once again emphasize the privilege of investing in Turkey, which is already popular with its qualified workforce, population and location.

Connecting the continents on an East-West axis, Turkey is now much closer to being a country where continents meet in real estate, from the Middle East to North Africa, from Europe to America. As the international reference of the real estate sector, which has a critical importance in Turkey’s growth with its share of over 50% in international direct investments, we will introduce not only our industry but also the unknown beauties of Turkey with our multi-faceted promotion campaign ‘HomeTurkeyHome’ to world investors who have not yet discovered our country.

In these days when we are making preparations for this precious meeting, we say, “Now is the time to get to know and discover Turkey together, which has grown despite the pandemic and differentiated itself from its competitors in the world with its positive data.”

Chairman of The Board of GIGDER