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Real Estate Sector During And After Covid-19 Process

An interview at GİGDER EstateTalks on on “Real Estate Sector During And After Covid-19 Process” was held moderated by Ömer Faruk Akbal, Chairman of GIGDER and with the participation of Erden Timur, Chairman of NEF and Avi Alkaş, Chairman of JLL Turkey.

Emphasizing that after pandemic while real estate is being sold, not only housing will be sold, but a lifestyle and a living will be sold, Ömer Faruk Akbal said “We will tell international investors Come and live, not come and buy.” said. Stating that the pandemic would lead to some changes in the sociological sense and that the real estate was the only product that could not be substituted, Erden Timur said, “Housing will continue to be a need as it cannot be substituted.” And Avi Alkaş said that he considers housing sales from Turkey to abroad as an important export item, and this would continue non-stop after the pandemic. “I believe that what increases international investments is sufficiently reflecting the culture and being ready for living together with the people of the investment country,” he said.

You can watch the entire broadcast from the link below: