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Haluk Hasanoğlu, who was born in 1987 in İstanbul received an MBA degree from the Social Sciences Institute of İstanbul Bilgi University after he received a Bachelor’s Degree in International Finance from the Business School of the same university.

Haluk Hasanoğlu is the third generation representative of the Hasanoğlu family, and the Hasanoğlu Group is engaged in the sub-structure projects, and constructions of house, office, university, hospital, and public buildings, and development in the construction sector. The Group has been operating for more than 8 years. Haluk Hasanoğlu is presently the vice-chairman of the board of directors of the Hasanoğlu Group of Companies, and in addition to that, he is also the vice-chairman of the Construction Committee of the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (İTO). He is a member of GYODER and İNDER at the same time.

The Hasanoğlu Group of Companies is a pioneer in the house construction segment and constructed the condominium (housing estate) called ‘Banu Houses’ which has become a brand name as a result of the R & D activities which the Group started in the 2000’s. The company has enhanced the value of the district of Bahçeşehir with this brand name which has become the symbol of the district. The company has already started out with a target of constructing buildings by combining the technologies of the future with esthetics and functionality and also by constructing buildings where ‘Quality and Trust’ are in the forefront.

Together with becoming a brand name, the Hasanoğlu Group has also accelerated its R & D Studies and investments, and the company has been continuing with its construction activities with the brand name of ‘Banu Houses’ and various public investments.

In addition to his sensitivity for making contributions to the social responsibility projects, Haluk Hasanoğlu gives support to the works and services given in the fields of education, environment, culture, arts and health by virtue of the Mustafa Hasanoulu Foundation (MHV). Among the sports which Haluk Hasanoğlu likes to perform are motor sports and water sports. He also likes to make cultural trips, and other travels. He participates in various sports events in both branches of sports because he is licensed sportsman in these two fields of sports, for which he spares some of his time.

Hasanoğlu, who has been working by following up the novelties and by researching both in his education life and business life tries to bring about projects by researching each and every detail so that the services rendered should provide customer satisfaction. In this context, Hasanoğlu follows the novelties in our country and in the World by placing importance in the R & D studies in the field of Technologies in the construction sector so that the group companies can remain updated