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Bayram Tekçe

Bayram Tekçe

Vice Chairman of the Board
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He was born in Zonguldak Ereğli, in 1972. After graduating from Kdz Ereğli Anatolian High School, which gives English education, he completed his university degree in Ankara University DTCF Dutch Language and Literature Department and graduated as Philologist.

He started his career as a Professional Tourist Guide approved by Ministry of Tourism. As a member of Istanbul Chamber of Guides (IRO), he guided Dutch and Belgian tourists on cultural tours between 1996-2004.

He worked as simultaneous translator and organizer in UEFA sports competitions.
In 2004, when the property sales to foreigners were made legally possible, he founded Antalya Homes Real Estate Inc., with the experience gained during his career as professional guide.

The company, which gained strength over the years by making thousands of foreigners from more than a hundred different nationalities as property owners in Turkey; also released brands such as Istanbul Homes, Trabzon Homes, Bursa Homes.

In 2018, he founded Project Sales Inc. (Proje Satış AŞ), which organizes professional sales offices. In the same year, by establishing Tekce Overseas SA based in Malaga – Spain, he started to sell Spanish properties to buyers from all over the world with Spain Homes brand.

With his sectoral knowledge and experience, he has established the Real Estate Export Committee within the body of GYODER, in order to grow the real estate sector with sustainable policies. The committee, which works effectively with its team that is aware of the problems of foreigners, plays an important role in the growth of the sector by shedding light on the operational problems in front of property sales to foreigners. In order to institutionalize the sector, he served on the board of directors as the founding Vice President of Real Estate International Promotion Association (GİGDER) in 2020.

He is currently working as the Chairman of Antalya Homes Real Estate Inc, the Vice Chairman of the Board of GİGDER and the Chairman of Real Estate Export Committee of GYODER.
Bayram Tekçe, speaking English and Dutch at an advanced level, is married and has 2 children.