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Abdülkadir AKKUŞ

Abdülkadir AKKUŞ

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Abdülkadir Akkuş, Chairman of Akkuş Group, was born in Mardin in 1971. He brought his deep-rooted experience of more than 30 years in the textile and chemistry sectors to the real estate sector. It creates employment and added value for the country’s economy with its staff of a thousand people, 3 factories and 5 companies. He has titles of entrepreneur, businessman and non-governmental organization manager.

Abdülkadir Akkuş, who has come to the fore with his determination and hard work in his business life, which he started as a textile worker in Istanbul Feriköy in 1988, has become one of the leading names in the sector as the founder and Chairman of the Board of Akkuş Tekstil, which exports textiles to Europe, Africa and the Balkan countries.

Abdülkadir Akkuş, who opened his first textile shop in Istanbul Beyazıt in 1992, established Akkuş Tekstil Sanayi Ticaret Limited Şirketi in 1995. Adding chemistry, fuel and real estate sectors to its fields of activity in the intervening 28 years, Abdülkadir Akkuş has gathered all of its companies under the umbrella of Akkuş Group, a family company with 7 partners.

Akkuş Group, which creates employment for a thousand people and generates a turnover of 500 million TL annually, has made large-scale investments for the development of industry and employment with its 3 factories, 1 in Mardin Organized Industrial Zone, 1 in Istanbul Avcılar Ambarlı, and 1 in Istanbul Güneşli.

Combining his deep-rooted experience in the textile and chemistry sectors with his financial power, he entered the construction sector with Akkuş Gayrimenkul 6 years ago. He has been developing new projects under the brand name of Alya with BOSS4 Gayrimenkul, which he founded with his Lebanese business partner El Khatip Group 2 years ago. Alya is preparing to add new projects to its projects under Akkuş Gayrimenkul, which aims to construct more than 500 residences with an investment of 500 million TL in the next 2 years.

Abdülkadir Akkuş, who continues his duty as the President of the Istanbul Mardin Businessmen’s Association, took part in the Foreign Organization of MUSIAD. Abdülkadir Akkuş is also a member of important non-governmental organizations such as GYODER and Turkish-Arab Businessmen Association. He is the President of Deik Turkey Lebanon Business Council.