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İsmail ALTIN

İsmail ALTIN

Executive Committee Member
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İsmail Altın was born in Bursa in 1972. He finished his elementary, secondary and high school education in Bursa, and thereafter got a tourism and hotel management degree in Antalya between 1990 and 1992 academic term.

Having continued his education in business management and economy field in University of California State University, Los Angeles in the USA between 1996 and 1998, İsmail Altın started his career in tourism industry in the USA, Canada and Caribbean Islands during the same period.

Having started to invest in construction and real estate industries upon his return to Turkey, Ismail Altın created luxury housing projects in the concept of housing estates in popular holiday destinations in Aegean and Mediterranean regions, including Bodrum, until 2010. He marketed these projects to foreign people thanks to international fairs he attended in many European countries, including United Kingdom, Ireland and Netherlands.

At around the same years, he also acted as the Vice-chairman of Real Estate Committee in Bodrum Chamber of Commerce.

He founded ALTINTÜRK Real Estate Investment in 2010, and sold real estates to buyers from Arabian and Gulf countries in light of reciprocity principle, and actively worked in marketing and promotion of real estates built in Turkey by attending and organizing more than 70 international fairs and road shows.

In the course of his professional career, he also took active roles in non-governmental organizations. Mr. Altın actively worked for the establishment and management of Arabian-Turkish Businessmen and Investors Association in Turkey. He is currently the chairman of the board in the Association and organized four international events in that position. Mr. Altın is currently dedicated to defending the rights of international investors and guiding them.

He also serves as the moderator and anchorman of the TV program “Konuta Yön Verenler” (Those who shape up the housing industry), and also acts as the content and concept advisor in the news portal  This way, Mr. Altın helps broad audiences remain in touch with current developments and recent panorama of the construction industry.

He is currently a partner in Istanbul Global Partners, a company doing business in marketing and promotion of branded housing projects, and he continues his successful journey in the international marketing of many branded housing projects.

Ismail Altın is married and a father to one child. He speaks and writes fluent English.