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Effects of the Covid 19 on Overseas Real Estate Sales in Turkey

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One of leading sectors which is affected by the Covid 19 virus is the Real Estate sector is one of the most important export fields and foreign currency generating services around the globe which is gaining importance every day Turkey is located within the attraction centers of the world before this pandemic specifically for some geographies Turkey was the prime location for real estate investment Within these uncertain days it is even more important to establish the current reputation and strength without losing any momentum whatsoever in Covid 19 days.

When viewed in the scope of foreign exchange earning services it is seen that the service sector is most affected by Covid 19 and our sector is directly and indirectly affected by this Stopping of flights and travel restrictions have caused foreign customer traffic to come to a stopping point for those who wants to buy real estate from our country.

Within the light of these developments it is apparent that PropTech application is much more important than before in the digital World it will be easier to overcome the post covid 19 threshold in the digital market, therefore the stakeholders especially the real estate sector in Turkey have to use the digital infrastructure and proptech applications quickly and effectivly.

In this period our country has set the best example decisiding and implementing the proactive and constructive prevention packages to the world’s public opinion and has signed indelible lines in humanitarian aid including developed economies.

Those who invest in real estate in Turkey is now far past beyond investing in the future.

It is a fact that those who invest in Turkey will also be investing in health opportunities.

Those who invest in Turkey will be investing in not only a peaceful future but also a healthy climate.

Those who invest in Turkey will be investing in health and peace safe future as well as a strong administration.

With its increasing value in the world the sector that we are in, has gained access to exemplary social infrastructure as well as economic gains new opportunities to its new guests and to process the name of our country in bolder letters when it comes to real estate.

As the comfort and speed in the realization of the transactions are made possible by technology we will continue to push the limits and we will encounter new records together.

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