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GİGDER Managament Board

Chairman's Message

Real Estate sector is one of the most important export fields and foreign currency generating services around the globe which is gaining importance every day.We believe that our nation ought to be a leader in this field with its unique structure, extraordinary location and richness, excellent infastructure and with great values. Turkey is located within the attraction centers of the world, our country, keeps attracting investors from all continents with the developments and projects in the real estate sector.

Ömer Faruk AKBAL

Chairman of the Board

We have come together to better express Turkeys leadership road to the World and to represent our sector’s knowledge, ability and experience in the most meaningful way. Among the priorities of  the GYDYD are; to impower the current international real estate investments within our country, to meet the expectations of its estate members and sector representitives engaged in real estate both in national and international platforms and  to be referenced as an NGO with recognition and success stories by ensuring the ‘Strong Turkey’ image in real estate sectors as well as in all sectors.


Being the implementer and follower of the activities necessary to carry the ‘foreign Exchange earning’ activity graphic generated with  real estate invstments from abroad to higher rates by ensuring various investments and different instruments is one of the defining specialities of GİGDER members. It is our common desire that we ensure new generation living space with Turkey’s siganture and new perspectives in the light of developing and chaning parameters while aiming to contribute in medium or long term plans in coorporative steps with public-private sector and  the representatives of our sector.


As it is known, during the beggining of 2020  our country had annual sales of 6 billion dollars worth of property sold to foreigners and  in 2023, which is the 100th year of our Republic,

it is among our duties to increase  this rate to 15 billion dollars. For our medium-term goal Gigder,  who strives to raise the stakes higher, has the desire and energy to do more for our country in order for it to rank in the top 5 countries which attracts real estate investors from around the world. 


Turkey is located at the most important transition and intersection point of the world, we are more than happy and proud to be gathered under the roof of GİGDER in order to promote our country’s values and to develop the advantages of these values together for our country and  people the best way possible